The Big Transition: To clipless or not to clipless?

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      So I’ve recently moved to Colorado from Charlotte, NC. I’ve had a bike (2006 Giant Boulder Se) for a while but just didn’t ride it as much as I wanted. Things have changed since I moved out here though. I ride almost everyday at least 8 miles each time. I try to ride the intermediate and advanced trails because I want to advance my skills. ANYWAY, I still ride platform pedals, but I’m now learning why clipless pedals are so important. The backs of my calves are all scraped up and bruised. So my question is, "What is the best way to transition from platforms to clipless?" Do I try easier trails or paved trails at first or do I just throw ’em on and go for it?

      ALSO: Does anyone have shoes or pedals they would like to get rid of? I wear a men’s size 10.5-11. I have very little funding so nothing too extravagant. Location: Arvada, CO (basically Denver)

      ONE more edit:
      Is there a certain type of pedal that I should be looking for? The cheapest is the best for me right now, but I would be willing to bend on my budget for something that will last.


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      Throw them on, but spend a while riding around your yard (somewhere soft) and practice the clip/unclip motion over and over and over again until you think you’ve got it down. Then go out and ride. If you want to try easier trails first, that might be a good idea, but its up to you.

      Just make sure you get some practice time in before you hit the trail! 😀

      Oh, and just a quick heads up: You WILL crash at some point due to your new pedals. Just so you know!

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      Agree with Goo. I rode about 30minutes in my yard just starting and stopping before I went and rode a local singletrack. You will fall out there. nothing big, more like when you come to a stop and forget to unclip. Everyone does it so just laugh if anyone sees you.

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      Has anyone ever been beat by a guy in Flats durring an xc race?

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      "Radicalis" wrote

      Has anyone ever been beat by a guy in Flats durring an xc race?


      When I went clipless, I just went for it, BUT I started out on Shimano M-324’s. They are nice because you can flip them over and ride the platform side any time you need to.

      Now I have eggbeaters on both my bikes and I don’t even think about clippng/unclipping. It’s as natural as grabbing the handlebars.

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