The best locations to go mountain biking (research)?

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      Hi All –

      I just wanted to thank you in the other forums for helping me get my first mountain bike (a 2009 Giant Yukon). I’m now asking for some help from you experts on a new article for my travel website (If you are looking for a link, just PM me as I don’t want to come across as just posting links to it to increase traffic).

      If you had to chose the best place for a beginner and the best place for an expert to ride at, where would it be (e.g., Moab, Utah)?

      My end product will provide a list of places for people to check out some awesome places to go mountain biking while in the area. Of course I’ll be giving credit to singletracks to by providing some links and hopefully getting some more people into this sport considering how helpful you have all been. Let me know!

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      If you look at the trail section here at Singletracks, you can sort the trails by location and/or skill level, and then see pics, videos and text about specific trails.

      There are plenty there to keep you busy with research. (Trust me, I’ve gotten lost in the list several times!)

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      Awesome. I’ll check it out. Thanks!


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      May you have a happy biking.

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      I don’t want to take you away from this site, because it seems to have a great community of people, but since you’re from CT, you should probably look at, which has great info and maps for riding in CT.

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      I’ll check the site out again as I think I stumbled upon it before. I’m looking forward to putting some miles on it within the next few days.

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      Northfield Mt. in Northfield, MA offers about 20 miles of mt biking trails. All the trails last time are smooth but there is climbing. Some of the trails are closed to bikes. I used to go there once in awhile when I lived in New England and always had a blast. If I recall you needed a permit on your bike but it was free.

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      Assuming you are from the east coast, North Carolina was some awesome trails , and Georgia has some nice trails and East Tennessee has some great places like Tansai, and Raccoon Mt.

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