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      Time for another bike breakdown and component replacement to fit my goals for the upcoming year. This years quest is going to be more Enduro focused. So, my trail bike is going to get some mods. I saw lots of good component reviews here which will make my decisions easier. I would just like to thank the Singletracks staff for great articles and reviews as we managed our way through the pandemic. I am hoping to get much more adventurous this year as summer arrives.

      Thanks for your assistance!

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      Besides the weather channel site to see if it’ll be good  weather for the ride days, I read singletracks. shred on!

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      Singletracks is the enabler, I say have at it and enjoy the time spent Bike addiction is an equal opportunity thing, don’tcha know!!!

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      Agreed, this place is a welcome diversion from the news and troubled times.

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      I agree.  This site has helped me a lot through the years.  The goal for this year is to get as much mtb riding in as possible.  I had been stuck in Okinawa with one trail for three years.  Can’t wait for my things to arrive later this month.

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      C-Lo, one trail for three years! How did you do it!? Hope it was a good one! Where will you be riding now?

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      Mongwolf,  I ended up focusing on distance.  I rode 2020 miles last year mostly on the pavement.  I am in Kentucky now.  Just got a camper and getting ready for the season.  I was up adding trails to my wish list and searching for campgrounds last night.

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      I still stop here daily, but more and more I find I’m hitting other sites more frequently. With constantly having to re-login (almost every time I hit the site) . Between that, dropping the app, and other changes it has become less “friendly” for me.  There is still good stuff here so I drop by but it is no longer my “go to” site for MTB.

Viewing 7 reply threads

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