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      Based on what research I’ve done, Tennessee looks like the best place to Downhill MTB in the south. There’s a trail network called Windrock that looks awesome. Here’s a clip:
      Windrock has all the good things one looks for in a downhill track: jumps, berms, speed, steeps and techy rock n root sections.

      Has anyone here ridden Windrock? How about any other DH tracks in Tennessee? I’m planning a February road trip. How’s the weather down there in Feb?

      There appears to be some downhill mountain biking in North Carolina as well but it looks like just some foreroads with a few jumps and berms on them. Does anyone know of any destinations other than windrock that have good downhill? Thanks!

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      I am no help, but I wanted to say thanks for the video. I did not realize how much MTB there was in TN!

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      Thanks to CraigCreekRider, I’ve got some more info. Looks like I’ll be riding Carter’s Lake in Georgia:
      Might ride Raccoon Mountain:
      I might check out Sequatchie Trails Training Center
      Probably check out Paris Mountain South Carolina
      I’ll check out Ohill, Charlottesville, VA if there’s no snow

      But the place I most want to go is Windrock. Even we’ll start at Windrock ride there until we want to ride something else, then we’ll check out those other places. Windrock first, then Carter’s Lake, then Paris Mountain, then Ohill. Sounds like a plan.

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      Raccoon Mountain is pretty awesome, there’s a little of everything there. Also consider Chilhowee, also in Tennessee – it’s got some pretty rocky descents. I think it might even be possible to shuttle there…

      In Georgia I recommend Fort Mountain, there’s a pretty sick DH section there as well. It’s located in the NW corner of the state which is near the other two I mentioned in TN.

      Hey BTB, if you’re planning a trip down this way we need to hook up…

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      Hmmm, I dunno if they’re in good shape for DH or not. I just know when I rode there 2 years ago the trails were steep and eroded which was pretty tough on the old hardtail. I just assumed DH riders liked extreme, rough stuff like that 😀

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      Thanks for the info 😀 Yeah trek7k we’ll do some rides I’ll bring my XC bike for that awesome georgia singletrack!

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      WOW! Thanks for all of this!

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      Just moved to South Carolina and have been looking for places to DH. Thanks for input!

      Feel free to hit me up if anyone is looking for someone to ride with!

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      Hey All,

      Just went to WINDROCK over Memorial Day weekend. There is most definitely nothing else like it in the South. It will beat the shit out of you and your bike. Super Steep and plenty of rocks to huck yourself of off. Great techy sections and wooden drops and burms. Get in with some of the locals and have them show you around. There are some cool people out there.

      Raccoon Mtn is a great ride, we go out there frequently. I also heard about Enterprise South trail system in Chattanooga from some guys at Windrock. Lots of doubles and a fast ride from the sound of it.

      Windrock is a must for the Adrenaline Junky. BTW, camp at the State Park that is only about 6 miles away. Much cheaper than Windrock Park which was $16 vs. $4. Great view from the top of the mountains but not necessarily worth it. A shower was the only upside.

      PS – Don’t break your thumb. It sucks donkey dick. – Happy Trails

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