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      My rear Tektro Novela brake is giving me some issues. I have adjusted the brakes multiple times, and afterwards it works fine. Then I will give the brake a hard or long pull and it slips, and I am required to pull very long to get any stopping power.

      After inspection, I learned it is not the cable, but the static (inside) brake pad. The bolt holding it in place does not do anything when there is a hard pull. Has anyone else experienced this? Is Loctite my only option, and is this a safe area to use it?

      Thanks in advanced, I appreciate the help!

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      I know EXACTLY the issue. I racked my brains trying to repair those brakes only to have them not work again every time. Trek and the LBS where I purchased was useless even after only a month of riding on them. Google them or check out MTBR… they are very problematic.

      I finally decided to replace them with Avid BB7s. It was the best decision ever! 😀

      BlueSky had a complete BB7 kit for $120 total.

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      Thanks for the advice; I can see how these brakes can be an issue. Unfortunately, a $100+ is out of the budget, but maybe one day I can get an upgrade.

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      I felt that pain also! Bike companies should boycott tektro disc brakes all-together! Being military and always on a budget, I saved for 3 months to upgrade to BB7’s and it was so worth it. Really all you need to replace is the caliper and rotor… Which you can get from price point for 49.99 a wheel for the 2011 model. Do yourself a favor save for them and upgrade the stopping power is great… but the boost in confidence will change your whole ride! 😃

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