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      I have hovered right over the 220# mark for years,weighed myself yesterday and I was 218.That may be back to 220 now but,it’s goin down!

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      Cool GALAXY,how much weight do you wanna end up loosing?Also,how tall are you?

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      Cool, got to break this mark too. Cold winter made me lazy and fat 😕

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      Loosing weight seems too trendy for me. 😄 Later,

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      I’m 5 10" so I’m a bit chunky at that weight still…would like to get close to 180.

      in the way home yesterday I stopped ,although different scale,it was back to 221,haha…it’ll get there. 😆

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      😆 😆 😆 😆

      Change your beer…It’s too fattening…LOL!

      Awesome bro! Years ago I weighed in around 245, but these days I weigh in around 192 – 195, and lovin it….LOL.

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      Today’s blog post is totally appropriate: … ain-biking

      I’m trying to lose some weight before the spring riding season, too. It’s definitely tough, though, and takes some serious discipline.

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      This past year I went from 245 down to 200 at one point. A lot of that was from road riding but I also logged many miles in the mountains as well as did 4 races. My cycling improved a lot as well as many other things, my overall health. This winter though I got lazy and went back up to 220. I have been hovering there for a while now but all that is going to change. I am wanting to get to 195 this year. Unfortunately I will have many short military deployments over this riding season and will miss all but one of the races in my area. It will be a challenge!

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      I personally started tracking my caloric intake and burn towards the end of 2011 and have set up a personal goal.

      I thought that it might add a little accountability and a little extra motivation if we all stated our goals and then posted our weight every week here to this thread.

      If you don’t want to participate in this thread, that’s totally cool. If you only want to post certain information, that’s totally fine: Only post whatever information you feel comfortable sharing, we don’t want to try to make anyone feel bad here! 😀

      Weekly Weigh in Thread here: viewtopic.php?f=81&t=7424

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      Good job Galaxy! I’m a big guy also, 6’4" with to much weight. It about killed me, but I quit drinking beer, and dropped a bunch of weight right away! My drink of choice now is vodka and iced tea. Not as good as beer, but does pack a decent tasting punch when you need it!

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      Im 5’9" and was 237…. "Huge, I know". Now I’m 180 and have so much energy I have to take meds to sleep… lol. It’s worth it though.

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      Iced Tea and Lemonade is an "Arnold Palmer"
      Iced Tea and Lemonade and Vodka is a "John Daley"

      Try Diet or reg.Mountain Dew and Vodka…Its glorious rocket fuel….
      I’m a Clydesdale coming down from 295 to currently 265 6′-2"

      Nothing tastes as good as thin feels….

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