Tall riders: What is the largest mountain bike frame you've found?

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      I’m 6’3″ so brands generally offer a mountain bike in their line that fits me, but I’m almost always riding their biggest bike. So I’m wondering, for guys who are taller than 6’3″, which mountain bikes have you found in your size?

      Santa Cruz offers XXL frames in some of their models like the Tallboy, which has 510mm of reach. I’ve ridden that one and it fits me, but if I were a couple inches taller I imagine it might be too small. I see that Trek has 23″ frames which they recommend for riders 6’5″ – 6’7.5″, but they don’t offer them in all models and builds.

      Any other recommendations for tall riders who want to avoid the hassle of the custom route?

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      That’s a really interesting question, never thought about the difficulties riders 6’4″ and over may encounter.  My wife is 5′ even and it was somewhat limiting as to what she could get to ride.  I’m 6’1″ and shrinking with age so no biggie for me!

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      I’m 6’0″ and ride and XL Orange Crush, which I think would be good up to around 6’4″. Past that I think Pole and Geometron would be good for really tall riders, although I’ve never ridden bikes from either.

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      I have two friends one 6’3 and one 6’5 on XL Evil Wreckonings. That is a big bike and it works for them. My brother is 6’9″ and rides a XXL Pivot 429 which is humongous.

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      I’m 6’4” and ride a TREK 23” frame (HT and FS).  I have demo’d a XXL SC Tallboy and it seemed to be basically the same fit.  Though the sizing charts for both manufacturers place my height on smaller frames, they felt just a bit cramped  especially on short, steep climbs.  Personally, I’d rather have a larger frame/shorter stem combination while finding a comfortable reach.

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