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      I am a tall rider.  6’5” and 245lbs.

      I typically cant test ride bikes before I buy.

      Inspired by Guerrilla Gravities BAMF program I want to start a thread where fellow tall people can help each other out with test rides since the LBS’s don’t seem to be much help.

      If you ride an XL or above and are willing to help, please list your bike Make\Model\Year\Size and City/State.  If someone is interested in test riding your bike they should message you directly to schedule a meet-up.

      I’ll start:


      Cave Creek/North Phoenix Metro/Arizona



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      Great idea. I would offer up my bikes but they are pretty old so no help to anyone shopping for a new bike. 🙂

      I have found that going to big demo events like Cyclofest and Outerbike is helpful. Sure, most companies don’t bring a lot of XL bikes, but then again, not many people can ride them either. I must’ve been the only person taller than 6′ at Cyclofest this year–I never had to wait for an XL demo bike!

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