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      thinking of getting a Race Face tailgate pad. Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent it from getting stolen besides taking it off all the time? And has anyone had this issue?

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      Are you able to lock your tailgate? Depending on the truck, it may lock/pinch the pad so they would need to cut the straps to get it. Not that that helps, but it would make the pad unusable for them.

      I haven’t had any issues leaving my pad on my truck, but I also didn’t live in a very large city (Great Falls, MT is ~60k people.)

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      I leave mine on while I’m biking, but take it off and leave it in the garage once I get home.  Putting it on is a little bit of a hassle (threading the straps between the bumper and tailgate), but I don’t want to just ride around all the time with it on my truck.

      I just trust my fellow bikers at the trailhead not to steal it.

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      I have the RaceFace pad and love it. I haven’t had any issues but I honestly live in a safe neighborhood and park in a secure lot at work. I would take it off when not using it, it really isn’t that big of a pain to put on. If it weren’t for the simplicity of throwing my bikes in the truck in a matter of seconds I would use a fork mount mounted in my bed rail.

      If it weren’t for my wife buying me the pad for my birthday I might have just went with the fork mount method, but again it hasn’t been a hassle for me. Also, don’t mean to get long winded, I recommend you take it off when not in use anyways because the sun will fade and deteriorate even the best pads. I spray mine with a UV protectant ever few months but that will only prolong the life a little if I don’t take it off.

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      What do you guys think about this.  I don’t have the extra cash right now to throw out on a nice pad (I have a homemade bed rail setup in my truck) but we do shuttle runs a lot and the fork rail mount is a pain in that case.  I was thinking of picking up a moving blanket at Harbor Freight and attaching velcro to it, to secure it under the bottom of the tailgate.  Anyone tried anything like this?  Seems like it could work.

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      I originally picked up a nice thick horse blanket and used it for years. Only ran me about $25. Never had an issue. When Race Face came out with their pad though, I picked one up and love it. I leave it on when I ride (all over Washington State) and haven’t had any theft issues. I don’t know of any way to secure it but I’ve looked at all kinds of options without a solution. I sometimes leave a game cam locked to a tree and nicely hidden when I go on long hikes, and I’d prob do the same if I were on an all day MTB excursion.

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