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      I am interested in purchasing a used/nearly mint condition 2011 SX Trail from I would like to have some info about it though.  I want to use it like an enduro bike. Is it reasonably light enough to climb and ride for medium to long distances (20-50 Miles)? If you have any, any thoughts/opinions/facts about this bike please share them!

      Note: I don’t care about climbing performance all that much. I just care if I can ride up a mountain without having to get off. I mainly want to shred my way down trails and jump.

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      Definitely faster going down than up, but from what I read it’s a decent do-it-all bike.

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      That’s a lot of bike. You could ride 25-50 miles on it, it will just take you a long time. It looks like the complete bikes were well over 30 lbs. If you want something you can take to the bike park too and it’s a really good deal, I’d say go for it. But, if you’re looking for an all-around bike, there are much better options. Newer bikes with less travel will be nearly as capable and will also climb better, and you’ll also be able to find replacement parts more readily.

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