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      Is there much to swapping out a SRAM NX groupset for a GX groupset?  I have shopped around for going on two years to buy a bike and finally settled on the Intense Recluse.  The two builds I’m considering are the Foundation build that comes with the NX groupset and the Expert build that comes with GX groupset.  The NX build is priced at $3299 and GX build is $4299.  If my research is correct I can buy the NX build at $3200 and buy the GX groupset afterwards for about $500 which would put me at $3799.  That would save me $500 and i would essentially have the same bike that costs $4299 if I were to buy the GX build.  Any advice and/or recommendations is greatly appreciated.  Ride on!

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      There are a few other differences outside of the groupset but I can live with them.

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      There are a few other differences outside of the groupset but I can live with them.

      That’s what I was just going to ask.  Most brands bump up the suspension and other components between builds so it’s not just the drivetrain that’s getting upgraded.

      Drivetrain parts wear out over time, so starting with NX isn’t a bad decision. When the chain and cassette (and eventually chainring) wear out, replace ’em with GX parts.

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      From what I have heard there is very little difference between NX and GX. I read somewhere there are just a couple of plastic parts on the NX that are metal on GX and they can be replaced. But I am not sure as I started with GX so did not pursue the info.  Here is an article that details the differences. https://enduro-mtb.com/en/sram-nx-eagle-review/

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      Jeff’s advice is spot on.  ????

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      Beware!  An NX cassette only fits Shimano HG hub drivers and thats why it has a smallest 11 tooth cog.  A GX cassette only fits Sram XD hub drivers and that’s why it has a smallest 10 tooth cog.  NX and GX cassettes are not interchangeable without changing the hub.  On some hubs, the hub driver can be changed but some can’t and would require replacing the entire hub.  Otherwise, according to Sram, everything else (chains, shifters, derailleurs) are interchangable.

      The whole point of the GX drivetrain is to get the wider 10-50 500% range cassette as opposed to the NX 11-50 455% range cassette.  There is not that much difference in weight and shift quality between the two drivetrains.  It’s the extra range of the GX cassette that matters most.

      It is usually best to buy the bike you want right from the start.

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      I took a look at the build specs you’re looking at. It looks like it probably has at least a GX cassette (SRAM 10-50t 12spd), someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Aside from the cassettes, there really isn’t much difference between NX and GX (my hardtail is NX, my FS is GX and there really isn’t any noticeable difference. I’d say just run the NX group until you need to replace the derailleur or shifter and replace them with GX then.

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      Plusbike raises the biggest issue.  GX uses the XD driver, which would be needed to go up from GX within the SRAM line.  You can get NX Eagle to have 12 speed, but you still won’t get smaller than 11t because of the Shimano driver.

      Now, if you wanted to replace the SRAM with Shimano, the XD would actually be a drawback.

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      Thanks for all the research and information you have provided.  Have a great day everyone and Ride On! 

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