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      I have a 2018 nomad with an X2. I’m 255 lbs, and am a fairly experienced rider. I have max volume spacers in and running max PSI in the shock. I am running still 30% sag at least and feel like it should be way more firm! Something I’m doing wrong? Tuning tips? Would love some help from experienced suspension techs…

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      The spacers determine how much force it takes to bottom. Are you using all the shock and even if you are do you feel it bottom?

      You also have four other setting, high speed rebound, high speed compression, low speed rebound, and low speed compression.  The compression settings, high or low, depending on if you are hitting small fast bumps or big hard hits will also affect how firm the shock feels.

      here is a video on set up. Video

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      Hey MaxwellD, Alvin Mullen is right on track. Adding compression is likely the place to start, given that you have maxed out volume spacers and psi — if you’re using all of the travel. Generally, the low-speed compression will firm up the shock as it reacts to your body movements on the bike while shifting weight, braking, etc, while high-speed regulates how the shock reacts to larger or harder impacts coming from the ground. The Float X2 is a great shock, and it should be possible to dial it in so it feels right. I would start by adding 2-3 clicks of low-speed compression until it feels as firm as you want it to.

      If compression can’t solve the problem you may need a firmer tune. You can send the shock to a certified Fox dealer, let them know the situation, and they will adjust it accordingly.

      I hope that helps. Please let us know what ends up working best!

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      Alvin, great video , thx.

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