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      Singletracks just added snazzy pollen blockers to the online store ($12.50, free shipping), just in time for spring! Actually, the item is officially called “Singletracks Multifunctional Tubular Headwear,” since it’s not made by that company that rhymes with “stuff” and starts with B.

      Singletracks Multifunctional Tubular Headwear

      If you’re familiar with items like this, they’re really versatile and can be used as a face mask, hat, bandana, etc. (see the photos at the link above.) I have one in my pack at all times because it’s really compact and as a neck warmer, it keeps the wind out of my jersey when the weather turns cool or windy.

      Since there are so many uses for this item, we’re having a hard time coming up with a proper name for it. Suggestions? Here are a few names we’ve been using internally:

      • Singletracks Neck Koozie (sadly Koozie is also a trademarked term)
      • Singletracks Pollen Blocker
      • Singletracks Bandit Wear


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      I guess “buff” must be a trademarked term too That’s what it’s called in the fishing world.

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        I guess “buff” must be a trademarked term too That’s what it’s called in the fishing world.

        Shhhh! We’re not allowed to use that word. 🙂

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      Hey Jeff love the design! I have a similar product from the brand that shall not be named, and was wondering what the material is? My current one is fleece lined on the inside, which makes it great in the cold weather, but that’s about it. Is this fleece lined as well? Thanks!

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      We decided to go with a lightweight material for the Singletracks neck cuff so it’s easy to breath through. It’s pretty thin, enough to keep the wind down but not really insulating.

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      Thanks Jeff! Just ordered one!

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      I’ll cast my vote for “Singletracks Bandit Wear”

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      bandit wear for me. Or “Jeff’s posse” wear 🙂

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      Nice mask! I want to get one but where should I buy it? thanks!

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      I’ll have to check with my bees…

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      Thanks! Is it okay to buy this mask from Amazon?

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      This year, stylish masks are more relevant than ever.

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