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      Going on my 2nd week of the mtb world I’m afraid to ask another dumb question lol, but here goes. I see they make lots of different mounts for phones, gps, calories etc for your bike. But………. every YouTube video I watch they don’t have anything mounted while trail riding.  So what do you use for your phone?  And possibly car keys?  I really don’t see many bike bags or mounts on the YouTube vids. What is the bare minimum you carry?

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      Fanny packs, backpacks, hydration packs (CamelBak, etc.), tool wraps that attach to your frame, pants pockets, under-saddle bags, etc. All will hold whatever you need to carry. No need to spend a lot of money…pick one and try it out.

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      I use a camelback, plenty of room for quite a few things.

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      Getting the pack off my back was one of the best things I ever did. No more sweaty back and sore shoulders. I use a water bottle cage with bottle and a small seatbag to hold the rest of my gear. With the water attached to your bike, just attach your extra gear to your bike in any way that works for you. Seatbag, framebag, toptube bag, straps, tape—whatever works. One standard bottle usually lasts for a two hour ride. I hydrate well before I leave and then drink down a full bottle about half-way through my ride.

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      I’m with Bike Nerd. Most of my rides are 1 to 1.5 hours and can almost always handle with one 24 oz bottle (recommendation #1) and I have a small saddle bag that basically is just one multi-tool, tube, and a couple cartridges (recommendation #2), then all I need to carry is cellphone and keys in shirt back pocket (recommendation #3). But make no mistake, if I’m doing a longer ride on unfamiliar trails, I’ll use the small backpack.

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