Strong light 29er rims

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      • Need wheel upgrade from what I’ve read. Have WTB Laserdisc Trail wheels and hear they don’t hold up. Opinions on strong light rim? Have great hubs, so I can make investment. Have upgraded everything else but frame which will be a while. Been buying where it will be compatible with frame or making next step up on forks. Sweet setup so far besides killed my factory wheels. Giving these a chance, but not sounding good. Got an unheard of deal on them new, but haven’t even put them on yet. Wondering if I should put any confidence in wheels. Couldn’t have got hubs for twice what I paid so it’s all in the good.
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      There’s a nice writeup on those wheels here —>

      To the contrary, the reviewer claims these rims are pretty solid. Are you having problems with them?

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        Not as of now. Rear was slightly warped, probably from someone demoing bike. Trued them up and the front was straight as an arrow but spoke tension was very uneven. I have read a couple of other good testimonials. They’re brand new and I picked em up for $50 for the set and you can tell they haven’t been ridden. Been in guys closet. Could have had something sat on it. I’m gonna give them a shot. They’re a huge step over the no names that came on my Haro. Upgraded to Suntour Raidon forks from factory xct, and upgraded rd to Deore shadow to get rid of chainslap and a couple other upgrades. Grabbing some new tires tomorrow. Got my bike at wholesale from a buddy that’s a dealer so I still have less in it than a new one at retail and am doing parts where I can swap frames easily in future. Haro Frame is only 4 lbs so not bad for xl 29er.

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        Oh yeah, they’ll mostly be ridden on FATS too cause its right down the road. So if he didn’t kill them there I may be okay. I’ve heard a lot of people having problems with spoke tension on them causing problems depending on who assembled them I guess.

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