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      recently had a pedal fall off and upon closer inspection noticed that i had stripped the thread on the crank arms. Looks like i didnt tighten my pedals properly when i switched them over.

      just wondering what i should do now. The shop i bought it from has closed and there isnt really anything covenient to take i to locally.

      I have seen that you can boreout, insert sleeve and rethread, but i lack the tools to do this and cant see myself using them again if i do buy them. But could be cheap and if anyone has experience with this working then let me know.

      secondly i could track down a replacement arm and do a straight swap. Sounds easy but am having trouble tracking down the part, (175mm shimano with octalink spline) in new zealand at least. And the cost of shipping anything to here is truly rediculous. Also since im in there should i replace the bottom bracket. They seem pretty cheap so is it worth it? Also do you need a crank puller or can you remove it manually?

      thirdly should i replace the entire crankset? Looks like i can buy a square spline second hand one for cheap and replace the bottom bracket to fit. Even the crank pullers are a third of the price, so ironically this is looking like a cheaper option currently although the auction for the parts closes soon so the opportunity could be missed. Have also considered in the past changing to a single chainring, saw this guy who did it who was pretty cool and that was a pretty convincing argument. In saying that though i do climb hills with the pace if a turtle so we can probably lay off the single for now.

      fwiw the bike is a 2015 kona blast, alivio cranks (with an octalink sticker on them and fc-m430/431 printed on the back) and a shimano es25 bb.


      any advice welcome

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      Can you order from Chain Reaction Cycles?  They have pretty good international shipping options and are cheap.

      How does your bottom bracket feel?  If spins smoothly, with no grinding, I’d just leave it.  I personally wouldn’t go with the square taper BB, it will limit your choices in cranks.

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      Shipping is £30 but the cranks are only£22. Pretty reasonable but more than I was hoping to spend. And I just found this local site for cheaper.


      bottom bracket is fine, bike hasn’t been ridden to far yet only being a year or so old. Was more of a since I’m in there idea.

      with the square crank i think it opens up more second hand options. Have been offered/found online a couple of cheaper second hand  options but they seem to be square taper, hence the thought.

      But in saying that this latest site I have found seems to offer cheap new stuff so I’m leaning towards that. Or am I missing something obvious here?




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      I get your point about the second hand parts.  The problem you might run into with the second hand crank is  worn out chain rings.  If your current ones will transfer over, that will work out, but if not, you might be looking for those next.

      Good luck whichever direction you go!

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