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      No pics this time. But I was only able to get about a mile before I ate shit. I was able to get out on my own. Went to urgent care. Bruised side of knee and separated shoulder again . Great down hill technical trail. The stars were not in alignment from the start. Spent a couple hours yesterday making sure my baby was in perfect running condition. Things were not going well this morning my buddy was late I ended up picking him up. Made it just in time for our group ride so that was strike one. Started getting ready and noticed my jersey was stinking wife didn’t wash it that’s strike two. Started the short climb before the bad ass down hill and the only thing I didn’t check the front derailer wouldn’t drop down to small chain ring strike three. Should have just left right then and there but I didn’t . Should of turned a little more to the right or slowed the f down so I rode off a small bridge and crashed into the other side of the gully. It actually took a bit to get up from that one. Lots of pain but I manned up and tucked my tail between my legs and headed back to my truck. The one thing I did like was the morphine the doctor gave me.

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      I rode at bradys run county park near beaver pa and rode across a bridge a guy died on 4 years ago talk about an Erie feeling. I paid my respects and hope he watches over other mountain bikers as they cross the bridge

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      Bummer. 😢 😢 I hope you have a quick recovery.

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      "lovemountainbiking12" wrote

      I rode at bradys run county park near beaver pa and rode across a bridge a guy died on 4 years ago talk about an Erie feeling. I paid my respects and hope he watches over other mountain bikers as they cross the bridge

      Is "Erie" a mis-spelling or just a bad Pennsylvania pun? 😆

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      Good luck with your recovery. From recent 1st hand knowledge I can tell you that It’s likely to be better every day, just a little after the 1st couple days, morphine not withstanding. 😀

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      Lol maybe it’s eerie? A weird feeling

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      I can empathize with you. Just two weeks ago today I was directed towards a tree (thanks to the trees roots) with a steeply angled trunk towards the trail and was knocked out. Since I was knocked out, I do not know exactly what happened but I have to suspect the roots. I do recall a nasty wheel bounce (not sure if it was front or rear) before my helmet made contact.

      I suspect the impact of being tossed on the ground like a rag doll from being ricocheted off the tree brought me back to consciousness. The first thing I noticed was the large amount of dirt in my mouth and then the excruciating pain if felt all over. The entire left side of my body hurt; my forearm mostly because it had a humongous lump on side of it with a nasty road rash on the top. Plus my left knee was scraped up really bad and bleeding.

      I then noticed my right shoulder was burning. I lifted up my shirt collar and saw the huge five inch long raspberry across my shoulder just below the top of my shoulder line. It had also made impact with the tree, more so than my helmet since my helmet hardly had any signs of damage other than the plastic being broken. At that point another rider from my group came upon me and stopped. He noticed the mark the left side of my forehead caused by my helmet being crammed against it due to hitting the tree.

      I mentioned to my wife last night that I was going to stop by Performance Bike after work and get a new helmet and mount for my Cateye. Other than those two things my bike fared very well. Yesterday was the first time I have felt like getting back in the saddle since it happened. So two weeks is not a bad recovery time considering. My left arm still hurts a bit but only because of the road rash healing. What amazes me about the entire thing is I didn’t break one bone; probably bruised a couple though.

      When I had my thoughts some-what clear I decided I needed my water bottle to wash the dirt out of my mouth. It was then that noticed I was approximately ten feet from my bike so it must have been a wild ride but being knocked out in the process I just don’t know. I wished that it would have been caught on video. I’m sure that it would have been a spectacular sight. I would have titled it ‘How NOT to test Newton’s first law of motion’. But alas I was alone when it happened. All other riders were back at the meeting spot or heading back to it. Fortunately I was given a ride by a nice couple that happened to be in the park heading home back to my truck. I still had another 2 plus miles left to ride out and I didn’t feel up to it.

      Anyway Revan I hope you recover quickly. Myself, I wouldn’t put any validity into the so-called superstitious signs you mentioned to discourage you from riding if you encounter more in the future. Accidents happen. The area where my accident happened is one that I have passed through on many occasions without incident and I had no warning/signs to cause me to pause and I have ridden a couple hundred miles or more this summer. Your accident could very well happen even if your buddy was with you. In fact it would have made getting back that much easier.

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      I definitely feel your pain. I did almost the exact same thing while riding San Clemente Single Track a few months back. Came out of a turn and on to a bridge across a gully and stupidly looked at what I wanted to avoid (edge of bridge) instead of looking where I wanted to GO! Ran right off the edge and planted my bike and my body in the embankment. Felt like I broke my ribs and shoulder but ended up with bruising and a very sore body. Seriously bent my rim to where it couldn’t be straightened. Had to buy a new one. I was able to amaze my buddy with my field repair and got the rim straight enough to ride back to the trucks. (Here is a YouTube vid showing the way I did it…and no, that’s not me or my video) [url:n1ml2hpe][/url:n1ml2hpe] The biggest bummer is I didn’t get to enjoy any morphine!

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