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      I revoked my access to Strava a few months ago. Since I reautorized the access my rides are not synced onto my ride log and no automatic log in at trailheads. Any suggestions.

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      Looks like our system may have been using your old authorization token. I’ve deleted that token just to be sure–try connecting again via your Singletracks account settings page:

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      I need a little help.  When I try to use the above mentioned link, I get this:

      {“message”:”Bad Request”,”errors”:[{“resource”:”Application”,”field”:”redirect_uri”,”code”:”invalid”}]}


      So how do I link to Strava again?

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      So, I finally got the re-authorization to work and I see the connection on Strava, but my ride information hasn’t updated since 10/2019.  Any ideas on how to get my rides to populate again?





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      Hi Ken, the way the system works now, it imports rides as they happen, rather than checking regularly and importing old rides that aren’t already in the system. It’s much faster this way but the downside is there’s no way to reach back and grab rides that were missed in the interim.

      Have you recorded a ride since re-authorizing that didn’t get pulled in?

Viewing 4 reply threads

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