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    My roommate who also mountain bikes left his upgraded rockhopper inside his vehicle the other night, and I guess his hatch never locked. So we noticed today his bike was gone…flipping out, called the cops did the report and everything while me and my wife drove around looking through the neighborhood, no luck.

    He was supposed to have a street ride date later that night, but ended up going for a walk instead, about 2 miles from the house they are cutting through a 7-11 parking lot and here comes his bike…strolling past on the sidewalk. He took off running yelling at the guy riding "who had headphones in" he finally noticed and stopped along with his friend. He explained he bought it off a kid near this druggy corner store near us for 20$ and thought it was probably stolen "seemed honest I guess" . He gave up the bike of course and its back locked in the garage now.

    What a crazy night….Don’t leave anything visible and double check all you locks!

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    Glad you got the bike back! Bike thievery is the worst 😈

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    Where was this?

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    New Port Richey, FL

    Sometimes referred to as New Pill Richey or New Port Roxy

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    Guess that worked out as good as it could have. Your buddy got his bike back, the thief made a whopping $20 for his efforts, guy buying a bike that he knew was stolen lost $20. Maybe he can take the $20 out of the kid’s a– the next time he sees him hanging around on the corner. 😆

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    Wow… He is soooo lucky he got that back! If the guy who bought it knew what he had, I doubt he would have been just pedaling around the neighborhood on it. He probably would have been just as happy buying a stolen $20 Huffy!

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    I do my best to never leave my bike in my car, even when locked. It’s a shiny blue Trek FS, so I feel like it would attract eyes, but it also helps that the front wheel is off when in there. But still… yeah, if I can keep it inside, I do it!

    This guy is QUITE lucky to get his ride back.

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