Storing MTB bike upside down, hanging from ceiling.

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      Can you store the full suspension bike upside down, I’ve heard mixed opinions on this , I don’t think the front fork will leak, some say it will help the seals stay oiled. Wondering about long term issues, have been storing bikes upright till now. Thanks

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      Yep. If your forks leak, your seals/wipers need replacing. Upside-down won’t cause it though.

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      It shouldn’t affect your suspension. At least mine are fine.

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      Yeah, if your fork is leaking, it’s because something is wrong. Not because you’re storing upside down.

      If you’re hanging your bike for long periods of time, I have been told that hanging by the rear wheel will help keep the fork seals lubricated. Of course, you can always flip your bike upside down for a couple minutes before a ride to accomplish the same thing.

      All that said, hang away!

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      your brakes hydraulic fluid can sometimes leak too.

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      The general problem with hanging a mtn bike has to do with the hydraulic brakes.  If they are pretty well used, you may have an air bubble up in your calipers (even though there is a diaphragm to keep the air out).  As you flip it over, this air bubble can work its way into the hose and lodge into a high point.  Then the brakes get mushy and won’t operate well.  You will have to work out the bubble.

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