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    Anyone have any recommendations to protect my bike from the elements if stored outside? I don’t have a garage & no longer have a spare room to store my bike. Do they make covers (similar to the ones for cars & grills) for bikes? Thanks for the help.

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    I just did a quick search and came up with these inexpensive items.I store my bike outside but it stays in my ford explorer pretty much all the time with both wheels attached so its ready to go anytime I get off work or want to go for a ride whenever I want.Its when I need to put the seats down so someone can get in that I have to take the bike out.hahahahaha.what can I say??bike comes first,hahahahaha.

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    When I had to store mine outside years ago I used a plain blue tarp and bungie chords to secure it. It’s not pretty, but it kept the rain off of it. The only thing to watch out for is bugs (spiders, mostly) and rust; since the bike’s outside it’s going to attract a lot more rust. I didn’t ride for about 4 months and after that time outside I had to have all my cables replaced. Just something to watch out for.

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    my bike stays on my front porch year round… doesnt get rained on but morning dews will get to it… just be sure to clean the rust when you see it

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    I live in an apartment and my Fisher was going to be outside locked up on a light post but I didn’t like that, I put hooks in the ceiling and it hangs out there(no pun intended) when I’m not riding it.

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