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      Hey guys just came across this not sure if everyone has seen it but might help you if your one of these victims. … RONTPAGE|t

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      At least they cought a couple of those bike ring thugs.I remember when I was a kid,these two brother’s just a couple streets down from us had a bike ring and I remember peeking over there fence from a freinds house and seen what must have been a hundred bike’s in the backyard of there parents house.I use to fight with that kid all the time,just plain trouble makers.I rode my bike too much for them to steal it from me,but my brother who did too much homework,hahahahaha,had his bike stolen form them. 😄

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      Haha thats funny, its sickening that kid parents let this happen. Like they had no idea what was going on.

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      Man, If anybody stole my baby, I would go postal! 😮

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