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      what are some ideas that would make for good stocking stuffers? I’m thinking any MTB item that most bikers use and that costs no more than $25. I’m also looking for unique and new stuff.

      So far I’m thinking the following: jagwire rotating hooks, bite valve replacments, preset torque keys (Ritchey), multi tool, master links, and anything for a tubeless set up from Stan’s (e.g. sealant, valves, valve cores, core remover, sealant injector)

      What you got?

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      Disc Brake pads.  Sockguy socks.  CO2 Cartridges. 22oz beers.  Garmin & GoPro Mounts.

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      There is actually a category in the gear section here on singletracks just for stuff like this. look up:

      You might find something there.

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      Fix it Sticks Replaceable Multi Tool. They’re awesome, and under 25 bucks. And fit in a Christmas stocking.

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      There’s a new Grip called “Nunchuck Grips” that’s pretty different

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      Gummy worms

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      Gu packs?? I like the gopro mount idea you can get them really cheap on aliexpress!


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