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      I haven’t had much free time at all in the last 7 weeks so I haven’t been on here as much as I’d like and I’m only getting in one or two short rides a week but I’m hangin’ in there.I have been trying to get a job with a local company here for the past year and a half and I actually got a temporary position but since I was a temp,I kept the other job as well,which killed all my free time.Two weeks ago they offered me a permanent position so of course I jumped at the chance and once my schedule gets back to normal with one job,I’ll be able to ride alot more. 😃 I’ll also be able to order some new wheels and brakes with the extra money,YAY!

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      sounds great!

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      Welcome back. 😃

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      Yeah me and GALAXY have been going out on weekends as well as meeting from time to time for midnight rides, once he’s finished work. Good to see you around man, I check the forum from time to time, but I don’t post a lot on any forum I’m on. We need to get our butts out even more! 😛

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      Same deal here! I haven’t been online that much of late since I’m so dang busy at work, but I’ve been getting the miles in! I also did the Spartan Race, so I had to take some time out of the biking schedule to train for running, hurdling flames, climbing walls, and other such nonsense.

      But I rock my t-shirt all the time!

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