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      I have a kickstarter project for what I am calling Steerer Tube Storage, or STS for short. Most of my experience is with doing XC riding and endurance races. For these I think the STS makes a lot of sense. I have gotten a lot of questions in the past so Ill post some general answers up front:

      It still uses a starnut so you can still adjust your headset preload like normal. Simple bolt adjustment with a normal allen wrench.

      Rattling hasn’t been a problem. I mostly store small parts in mine that normally fall out of my underseat bag when I get my multitool out. (Small parts like presta to schrader adapter, a few links of chain, zip ties, misc bolts and a $20 bill for beer or a sandwich mid ride) All of the stuff goes in a ziplock bag and gets shoved in the STS. The ziplock bag holds everything tight so it doesn’t rattle.

      Here’s a link to the kickstarter page. Let me know what you all think, good and bad. Watch the video too, I show how its installed and some general uses for it.

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      Pretty cool. That cap looks like it was pilfered off an old 35mm film canister.

      Unlike some of the other in-bike storage solutions out there (SWAT, bar ends, etc.) this one appears to be accessible without getting off the bike, or stopping really. Ok, the rider should probably at least stop the bike.

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