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      I was looking for a quick ride in the Marshall Pass area so I decided to give Starvation Creek a try.
      I rode up Marshall Pass rode and down Starvation Creek.
      Starvation Creek is a fun singletrack. My only complaint was that it wasn’t longer. The singletrack portion is just shy of 5 miles but drops nearly 2000 feet. It starts out dropping off of a jeep road through a meadow and quickly into the woods. The woods have a feeling of wilderness and this trail clearly doesn’t see a ton of traffic. The tread is quite tight at times, especially where it passes through steep sidehill sections. There are a few easy creek crossings and the only real technical challenge is a talus crossing. Several places the creek is just feet from the trail. Ride it as an alternative descent from the Crest or combine it with a loop up Marshall Pass or Poncha Creek Road. My ride I rode up Marshall Pass and down Starvation for a morning workout of 23 miles in 2.5 hours or so gaining and dropping more than 2000 feet in my loop. According to the Starvation loop page on singletracks I think Greg Heil has ridden this and seemed to enjoy the ride as well.
      I have the full report and photos at: … s-and.html

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