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      Anyone tried [color=red:24vi4af2]Stan’s No Tubes[/color:24vi4af2] yet? I think I’m going to try it on my ride. I’ve heard it works pretty good.

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      YES! Big fan. Maybe huge fan. Worth every penny I have spent. First time is a b itch if your tryng to do it your self. I rip through it now and can run 2.4 moto raptors at close to the same grams as my old mythos set up on both bikes. If you do it send P.M. and we can work it out on the phone or show ya the first time.

      Later, not a problem

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      Sweet, can’t wait to try it! Hell of a lot cheaper than buying tubeless wheels and tires, isn’t it?!

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      My first race with the stans was strange not worrying about pinch flats. You no how Norcal is in some areas. Try to get it from Cambria in Auborn ordering from Stans has not been a good deal. And their such good pople at the shop just call first some days the blow through all they have

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      Yeah, they’re good people up there, trust me, I’ve spent wayyy to much money there 😛

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      Man you do the my space. My wife found that an employee used a company comp to check her site and they loaded a bunch of spy stuff deep. We/she tried remove and it was set up to contact them, log on and reinstal itself. We had to buy new set ups formating did not work there was still a ghost buried deep that would pull it back in.

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      She probably downloaded a picture or music with the spyware file imbedded from some members site. It’s just like anything, be careful where you go, and make sure your computer is protected.

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      So how’s the No-Tubes thing work exactly? I’ve been kinda putting off the going tubeless, but now I’m really thinking about it.

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      Check out the movie on this [color=red:1asa136i]site[/color:1asa136i]. It looks pretty awesome, and from everything I’ve heard, it delivers… Looks like the price for an initial install costs between $60-$75.

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      How many tubes do you buy. I have saved money long term. first tyre was done their way reading with soapy hands. Now it’s a blow through would take me longer to use a tube now the tape andsrip are done. Trick is use a little sealer on strip so it’s even and do not use th @#$%*& soap.

      Find a place to hang wheel put two scoops of sealer in bottom of tyre, put on tyre. then spin the whloe setup for about a minute you will se a little leakage bot that’s what you want just a little on the bead all around. Now use compressed air, I use nitrogen tank and pop it on to about 30-35 psi at first.

      Now shake it up and down like you trying to beat out a taco’d rim. You will see some bubbles, gotta leak to seal, work your way around then flip it over do the same thing. let it sit till next the day it will leak some air, just it up and ride. thats the best thing for no tubless tyre it needs to seal the tyre, I run 15 to 30 psi with the 2.4 moto raptor

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      Looks pretty cool. I think I’ll pick up the stuff to do it middle of the month. I don’t go through a ton of tubes, but I like being able to lower the pressure in the tires and not have to worry about that.

      I might have to buy new rubber though. I noticed the tire I have is not recommended for that. I have Nokians, and Stans website lists them as having weak beads!

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      Also a no no is WTB which I have used for a couple of years with Stans. Do have a slight bleed down betwen rides but has been worth it. Just don’t order from Stans $$$ for shipping and they always lose the order hate paying next day and it being

      this day

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      [color=red:1s8t6bel]Beyond Bikes[/color:1s8t6bel] has the setup for $56. That’s cheap as hell! Did you get the syringe? That looks like a handy way do it, and they show you can reuse the fluid??? Thats cool 😕 if it works.

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      Yeah get the Syringe, not much use until the tire runs dry ( they say six months) Had a set with no sealer over a year. With the syringe you can take the stem apart an stick a oz in if needed.

      The best part is when you pull the tyre off in a year or so there’s this cool little freaky ball from the stuff spinen around inside.

      kinda like a bonus

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      "gar29" wrote

      [color=red:2ii9l136]Beyond Bikes[/color:2ii9l136] has the setup for $56. That’s cheap as hell! Did you get the syringe? That looks like a handy way do it, and they show you can reuse the fluid??? Thats cool 😕 if it works.

      Yikes, don’t shop at Beyond Bikes. … eyondbikes

      I also have a very crappy experience with those clowns.

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      Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of bad crap about them also, but they work good as a price match from other more reputable vendors.

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