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      I’m going down in a month and a half. Great riding down there. I even prefer it over Moab. You don’t have the crowds, and there’s still plenty of red rock.

      Besides, you’ve got the benefits of a big city, and Vegas isn’t too far away. I-15 is smooth driving all of the way, instead of winding your way through the canyons.

      Who else goes to St. George?

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      wheres the good spots the only one people talk about is Gooseberry Mesa on and the bear claw poppy or whatever that is

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      We were just there a couple weeks ago and rode at Church Rocks which was great. The trail is pretty fast, not too technical and we were the only ones out there on a Sunday morning. Church Rocks felt like two different trails: the out and back portion was like Chutes and Ladders in Fruita and the loop portion was like Slickrock in Moab. I guess you could say Fruita + Moab = St. George (but minus the crowds).

      Of course we also hit Gooseberry Mesa which is incredible and reminded me of Palmer Park in Colorado Springs on a much larger scale. It’s tough to believe this place isn’t an IMBA Epic ride. Rest assured that when it does get recognized this place will continue to blow up…

      More St. George area trails

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      Oh Rad, thanks that is now on the list. Is Gooseberry as unforgiving as i’ve heard?

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      Yeah, I’m not gonna lie – Gooseberry is definitely tough. Looking at the mesa you wouldn’t think it would be aerobically challenging since it appears mostly flat but your upper body gets a real workout on the short, steep climbs. Plus if you’re not from the area the dry air, intense sun, and elevation (just over 5,000 feet) can also take a toll.

      The good news is there’s a fire road that runs through the center of the loop so you can bail at several spots if you get into trouble. Just take plenty of water and a map so you don’t get lost and you’ll have a blast. You can also read more about Gooseberry Mesa in our ride report blog entry from last month.

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      Gooseberry is as tough as you want to make it. The North Rim and Windmill are not that tough but have great views. Slickrok 101 is even easier and the White Trail is a jeep road, the easiest.
      On the other end of the spectrum is Hidden Canyon, South Rim and Yellow Trail.
      This place is the most fun I’ve ever had on a bicycle.
      St. George has many trials. Zen Trail is perhaps twice as tough as Gooseberry but a great technical and climbing trail.
      Across from Gooseberry is Little Creek Mountain, half as tough as Gooseberry but the loop is tons of fun. There’s also a freeride open slickrock area to play on. It can be confusing so bring at least a compass.
      Finding the place is hard enough.
      Warning: Facial hair is a negative with the locals, the church is against it.

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      hahah at you talking about the LDS church? I come from a Mormon family and i’m pretty sure they’re cool with facial hair my grandpa was a bishop and he’s always had a beard. you must of had to have wicked knarly goatee or something to shake up the locals.

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      I think agmtb may be making a joke about the nearby FLDS compound in Colorado City just down the road (you know, Warren Jeffs old stomping grounds). I don’t know about the facial hair but you’ll definitely see some strange outfits being worn by the FLDS women…


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      the one in the back has some knarly eyebrows shes gotta be one of the substitute know for when one calls in sick.

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      I don’t think I’m in the market for a substitute wife but I am about to get on a plane to seattle and then head for Utah in search of some freaking sunshine!!! After the very wet summer and now having snow on the ground already I am due for something a bit different. With 2 weeks and not much of an agenda I hope to do the whole Utah/Fruita circuit, I rode the Goose last spring so am hoping to check out the other rides in the St George area, thanks for the info here-

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      Dude, definitely stop by the Red Rocks Bicycle Co. when you’re in town and give a shout to Ryan and Bryce. The guys are great, the shop is well stocked, and they have a super helpful map of all the local trails. Plus they can give you much better trail recommendations than any out-of-towner like me ever could ;)

      Also don’t forget to post pics and reviews when you get back – should be an awesome trip!

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      headed down from the 13th to the 16th of this month photos will be up when we get back.

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      Looking forward to seeing them and hearing about the trails, some sound hard to find. I didn’t get any riding done in St. George, spent too long in WA, ID & Fruita….
      But I did get to talk with some of the locals and found out that this is kind of a year-round ridable area, and THAT is music to an Alaskans ears. I did leave the jeep and the bike in Vegas 2 hours away so will be there soon- 😃

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      I did the Jem trail loop in Hurricane, which was about 30 mins. from my hotel in St. George. It’s about 20 miles of mostly singletrack. The views of the Virgin river, and other canyons are fantastic. I am actually thinking about trying to buy some property out there. With the exception of the Flume trail in Tahoe, one of the most scenic rides I’ve ever been on. [/url]

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      Gooseberry mesa







      Bearclaw Poppy



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      hahah get back out there the rock is fine!

      thanks i’m not a fan of the traditional MTB helmet.

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      while down int St. George i did see a very rad helmet that Specialized is putting out it’s styled after bmx/skate helmets.

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      after further research its called a Skillet


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      Very nice and inspiring photos and info dude.Thanks man.

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      very nice photos

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      thanks guys, i really recommend doing Gooseberry if you ever get the chance. ride of a life time and, i will be going back to cover what i didn’t get to ride this time.

      another amazing thing we ran across was a man on prostetic legs just dominating that trail, made me just want to ride harder no matter what.

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