SS question: sliding dropouts and rear brake?

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      Any hints on how to deal with clearance and proper set up for the rear disc brake when running horizontal dropouts?
      Switching my Trans Am 29er to SS with horizontal dropouts, the rear brake is a puzzler when considering wheel alignment, chain line, rotor clearance etc.
      Any tips?
      Brakes are Shimano SLX.

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      What frame? Got a pick of the dropouts?

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      Ok so the rear brake was not the headache I imagined. The headache turned out to be keeping the rear axle from sliding in the horizontal dropouts. Couldn’t make the axle tight enough to avoid movement and the resulting dechaining which would inevitably occur every mile or so. Tried a Surly Tugnut and it did not fit the Transition dropouts. ( heads up to all you Transition owners who are considering a Surly Tugnut ) I’m sure there is a way to keep the axle from moving ( bolt on axle and a chain tug ? ) but I’m back to vertical dropouts and a tensioner. Not how I envisioned my single speed build going but this should be a very satisfactory solution.
      Hopefully ride tomorrow morning if it doesn’t rain..

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      Horizontal/track end dropouts only work with some skewers, and even then a little extra insurance is nice.

      My Jabberwocky has screws that are used to set the chain tension and wheel alignment, and act as a secondary means of keeping the wheel in place. I use a Shimano XT rear skewer, and this set up is rock solid.


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