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      I keep coming back to wanting a Singlespeed 29er. I have wanted to try singlespeed since I started mountain biking but have not been able to try it yet. I am thinking that I might want to try a steel frame as well. Any ideas on a good frame or complete bike that will be good without breaking the bank? Rigid SS 29er is an option too.


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      I highly suggest test riding something before building a bike. I was like you, wanting to build a SS 29er. Built up a Trek Rig and found out after building a bike that I hated riding SS lol.

      But anyway, to answer your question: check out the Surly Karate Monkey frame set and/or completes.

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      Lots of options. Before plunging in head on I’d recommend you just convert your existing bike to SS, that’s the least expensive way to try it out. Read how to do it here: … nglespeed/

      I do think you’ll like riding SS, a lot of folks do: … -a-chance/

      The Civilian Luddite is a budget option complete: … al-review/

      You can also look around for a used Redline Monocog. The base Monocog sold for around $500 new. It’s a tank, and had rim brakes, but you could find one for cheap I’d betcha. I’m not sure if they even sell the base (ie cheap) Monocog anymore.

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