SRAM X5 vs SRAM X7 Trigger Shifters


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      I recently sheered the trigger off of the stock SRAM X5 trigger shifter (in an actually pretty spectacular crash). I brought it to the bike shop and they replaced it with an X7 trigger shifter, only because they didn’t have any X5 shifters in stock. I went out this weekend and after the first steep uphill and alot of down shifting I noticed that the shifting wire had slipped out of the housing underneath the frame

      From a little bit of research, I found that the X7 is designed for 10 speed and the X5 is for used for 9 speed. Am I right in assuming that the "experts" at the bike shop gave me the wrong trigger shifter?

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      There’s a 9 speed version and a 10 speed version of the x7. Without pics its kinda hard to tell you what happened or how to fix it. Throw a couple up and we can help you out or take it back to the shop and they can take care of it.

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