SRAM taking $10-15M hit in brake recall

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      SRAM is recalling about 25K hydraulic rim and disc brakes for road and cyclocross bikes and it could cost the company $10-15M. Apparently cyclocross racers found the brakes would stop working in freezing temperatures! Fortunately only one minor injury was reported out of nearly 100 reports of frozen brakes.

      "These are high profile bikes at high profile dealers and if you have one of these bikes it is personal," SRAM President Stan Day said in a Dec. 13 video announcing the problem. "This is a particularly diff recall because Many who purchased these bikes viewed hydraulic as primary feature. Unlike a wheel recall….Your investment in new bike and your sport is essentially out of commission until we give you a replacement."

      This response from Stan Day is a little hard to understand (I pulled this quote from–not sure who transcribed it). Is he saying you can ride a bike without wheels but not without brakes? 😀

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