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      So I purchased a new Mountain Bike and went on a quest to lighten it! It came fitted with an Eagle NX 1 x 12 group set which is heavy . The obvious thing to do was to change change the cassette for the much lighter (nearly 300g) XO1 or XX1, but as you may already know the free drive on a NX cassette is standard Shimona and the XO1 used a SRAM XD drive. Therefore I needed to change it withput the expense of a new hub and wheel rebuild. Now comes the dilemma ! What Drive hub was fitted to my new bike and which if any XD free drive would fit. Much research and head scratching later I learnt that like many off the shelf bikes they come fitted with a Formula Hubs but finding any information about these is not easy as they don’t sell to the public. After some more research and several phone calls I narrowed it down to the TD-148S Boost. With this information and a picture of the original drive as reference I tracked down a XD drive from Westbrook Cycles, Syncros Formula XR2.5 Rear XD Hub Repair Kit, and today I fitted it. Works perfectly and only cost £40. Hopefully some of you NX eagle riders will find this useful!!

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