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      Well, maybe some of y’all saw that I just got my Roscoe 8 2019 today. I ended up taking her on her first ride today and ran into some shifting troubles but that was fixed quickly, just need to tighten the shifting cable slightly. My next problem which I still can’t understand is, the lower jockey wheel kept getting a TINY little piece of wood caught in there and then it would just seize up.. Thankfully it only happened 3 times and all 3 were on parts that I was climbing. The first time it happened, the jockey got pulled towards the spokes and actually got caught on the spoke. Got super scared about that. I carefully removed it and it didn’t bend the spoke and the wheel is still true. Is there any reason why this happens? I started riding in Dec 2017 and I had a SHIT Cannondale and then I upgraded to a Giant Stance. Neither one of those two this ever happened. I’ve watched a ton of MTB videos and Q&As over the last 1.5 years and I’ve never heard of this happening, then today it happened 3 times, all within 10-15 minutes of each other.

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      Is there any reason why this happens?

      It just does.  Has nothing to do with running SRAM 1×12.  I’ve gotten more stuff stuck in my drive train than I can remember.  3x, 2x, 1x, Shimano, SRAM… makes no difference.  It just happens.  If it happened 3 times in a row, chock it up to coincidence.

      But…. maybe… since your new 12 speed hardware is a little closer to the ground, you may have a better chance of picking stuff up than you’re used to.

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      Had to respond on this one. I pick up sticks and twigs all the time. Its just crazy when ya square up a stick on the ride and it gets caught in the the drivetrain or spokes . Cant tell you how many times this has happened. In the  beginning  it was frustrating now i just stop and take care of  it so no damage done. The 1×12 can be a little tricky on set up I’ve noticed but once the cables are broken in and adjustment is good you should be trouble free. One reason i dropped a couple teeth on chainring is so i could use the middle of the cassette so chain alignment wasn’t so offset. It helped quite a bit

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      I went riding today, side-swiped a bush,  and got a small stick in my drivetrain.  Luckily the stick didn’t damage anything.  A few years ago I ran over a large stick, it popped up into my drivetrain, and destroyed my derailleur.  Sh– happens!  My only advice is to avoid getting close to bushes and avoid riding over sticks.   Volunteer to work on your local trails and trim bushes away from the trail.  Sticks can happen to any drivetrain.

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      Thanks for the input you guys! Really appreciate it! I’ve been playing with the cables a little here and there and yesterday it didn’t happen once. So that’s a plus!

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      The cage on a Eagle drivetrain is generally longer than other drivetrains, so that’s part of it for sure.

      I ran a big stick through mine and ended up trashing the derailleur and bending the hanger a bit. 🙁 Replaced both, but still having problems getting shifting dialed again because the tolerances are so tight. Even the LBS hasn’t been able to straighten things out yet. Going to try a new chain next. If teeth on the cassette got bent and I have to replace that too, I’ll cry.

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        Aw geez, and I thought I had it bad. Good luck to you, sir!

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