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      I’m in the market for a 27.5+ bike and trying to decide between buying a specialized stump jumper FSR 6fattie comp or a salsa pony rustler GX1. Anyone have experience with either of these bikes? The price point will be about the same for me.

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      I have not ridden the pony, but I rode the Redpoint (seems similar but non +) and liked it a lot.  I did ride the 27.5+ Cannondale Bad Habit and it was very nice also.

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      I’m assuming you’re looking at the aluminum models here.

      The Pony Rustler is $500 more than the Spesh, but I can’t discern a reason as to why. The PR has a better fork than the SJ, but on every other component the SJ is the same or better. And you get a dropper on the Spesh but not the Salsa.

      Apart from the build though, I prefer the Split Pivot suspension platform to the Salsa compared to the Horst Link on the Specialized. The geometry is fairly close between the two as well, although I like the longer reach on the Salsa.

      Of course a test ride is the best to figure out which one you like better!

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      I have a Stumpjumper 6Fattie, but I prefer to run it as a 29er. The big 3 inch wheels bounce around too much in my opinion. Have you considered the 650b Stumpjumper, but running it with 2.6 inch tires? I think this setup will give you the benefits of plus wheels without all the downsides. The other thing to note is the rims that come with the Stumpjumper only have an internal width of 29mm. Typically most companies run 3 inch tires on 40mm rims. I found the tire squirm from this setup to be very noticeable.

      Sorry, not trying to rip in the 6Fattie. I love my bike, but only when I run it as a 29er.





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      I’m curious as to what decision you decided to make?  I am also currently looking at the exact same two bikes.  I’ve rented both bikes to demo and found them to be very similar in ride quality.  It seems like it basically is coming down to personal preference.  Hope you are happy with your choice!

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      I have one of the first XO1 Pony Rustlers and have been very happy with it.  The Split Pivot provides a cushy ride, but maintains an efficient platform for pedaling.  The geometry seems like a good compromise between efficient climbing and confident descending.  The plus tires are a tradeoff.  Good for bombing or crawling up loose terrain, but heavier and less precise than standard 29ers.  A friend has the Specialized.  Seems like a pretty similar bike, so two good choices.  I would certainly invest in a dropper if I were getting the Salsa and of course set it up tubeless.

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