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      I have been looking for a new enduro bike for around 3000$ . I’ve heard that the specialized enduro climbs pretty well and descends like a freight train. I need something that can do both climb and descend. I want to start doing enduro races and go to down hill parks, but I also need to be able to ride XC because that’s what my local trails are.  I have also heard that the capra comp can climb well but decend amazingly. If anyone has any experience on either of these bikes I would really appreciate some info on either of them. If anyone knows any other bikes similar to either of these let me know.



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      I was in the same boat about a year and a half ago and got the Specialized enduro comp. Have been super happy. It climbs good enough for long rides. It is not an xc bike, but I do ride it on my local xc trails and am happy enough, though it is way more sluggish than a proper short travel bike on such trails. It comes alive on the DH though. Feels great smashing through rocks and taking jumps. I think the compromise was worth it for me. Haven’t ridden the capra, but I expect it would be similar…though maybe not quite as good of a climber? The Jeffsy is pretty cool too.

      I suggest renting one and trying it out on the type of trail that you want it to excel at, then maybe mess around on your xc trails and see if the overall performance tradeoff is acceptable.

      If u are a student, spesh sometimes gives a slight discount…so make sure to ask about that!

      have fun!

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      The capra can climb, but it is not really an enjoyable bike on the climbs. I have a jeffsy 27, and in the slackest setting it only climbs well when the shock is on pedal or locked. If you want to ride xc-type trails, I prefer the shock on the pedal setting- also, in the slack mode the effectively slacker seat tube angle and low bottom bracket can be an annoyance. Or you can set up the bike in the high setting, and ride trails with the shock open. I guess my point is that it is really nice to have adjustability, and while the capra can certainly ride anything, it is a bike you climb just to get the to top, and xc trails may not be the most fun. It is really designed to descend. I would suggest a bike that has some adjustable geometry, that you can set in a fully open/slacker setting for Enduro, and and a higher/shorter travel setting for xc trail. So the YT Jeffsy with the flip chip, or the Canyon strive with the shapeshifter (not sure if this one is available yet in the US).

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      Check out the Rocky Mountain Altitude. The Alloy 30 comes in at $3k, but the next level up, the Alloy 50 is $3,400. I’d save the few hundred extra bucks for that one.

      It climbs almost as well as it descends, and it’d be more fun on your XC trails than the Enduro or the Capra.

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