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      New to this web site and wanted to say hello to everyone. I have always been a strong advocate for all things two wheeled, I simply love to ride! I must admit that even though I had a mountain bike way back in the early 80’s (when hardtails were all there were!) I have been a big road rider for my entire life. I ride a full carbon Specialized Tarmac SL and love to cruise the roads, but this summer I made the move back to mountain biking. Hallelujah! Needless to say I am having a blast! I bought a Santa Cruz Blur XC full suspension bike and have found some amazing terrain in southern Utah where I live. I am fortunate to work as a trip leader for an adventure travel company which offers hiking and road biking trips, but I must admit that I am considering applying for another company that just rides mountain bikes. My favorite rides, so far, are the Thunder Mountain Trail near Bryce Canyon National Park (about an hour from my house), the JEM Trail near Hurricane, Utah, and the Barrel Roll Trail, near Santa Clara Utah. The trails of south central and south western Utah are the greatest. I feel they are every bit as pretty and challenging as stuff around Moab, but without the crowds. I just love cruising through the woods or along a slickrock canyon challenging myself on the bike. I find myself grinning from ear to ear and whooping with joy on each ride, things I don’t do on road rides! So, even though I could never give up my road bike, I truly love mountain biking and have a great desire to learn more trails, help maintain trails, and share this great sport with other folks. Best wishes to all and see you out on the dirt!

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      Big welcome to you Boulerbiker,cant tell you how right you are about how much fun it is to mountain bike on a cool ass trail.Have you been into over the edge sports in Hurricane?Just curious,I havent been there yet,wonering how it compares to the Fruita store.Just had a buddy move to Moab,be up there real soon to ride……………

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      Welcome BoulderBiker. Sounds like you have some great trails in your area. I’m a Blur rider also and love it (mine is the LT). When’s the best time of year for riding in your part of the country? Welcome aboard and drop in with some pics of your trails on the Singletracks Pic post. I hope to get a road bike soon, but I can’t imagine it ever replacing MTBing. Hoping it will make me a stronger mountain bike rider.

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