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      Hello everyone!

      As the title states, I recently moved up to the Manchester, NH area from Atlanta, GA for a job and I would like some advice on places to ride.

      I don’t know how much longer I’ll have before this place is covered in snow, but I would like to get a ride or two in before then.

      About me and my ride: I’ve been on the bike 3-4 times a month for about a year and I’ve gotten up to about 20 miles each outing. I love a good flowing run. My current go to rig is a Marin Bolinas Ridge 29 HT.

      So my questions:

      What are you favorite places to ride?
      What type of bike would you recommend for the area?
      Anywhere that I should avoid or seek out on my HT?
      Are you able to ride in the winter months?

      Thanks and it’s good to be up north!

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      Welcome to the great white north. I also am in New Hamster.
      What are you favorite places to ride? Bear Brook is a blast. Pawtuckaway is good but throw the flowy fun out the window. In NH the standard is roots and rocks always unless you go to Kingdom trails or Highland or one of the other ski areas. I know of some smaller MB areas that are "smoother" but that is a relative term.
      What type of bike would you recommend for the area? For this area I would recommend an FS bike even though I don’t have one($$$$). It will make the rides less abusive. An HT is totally doable though.
      Anywhere that I should avoid or seek out on my HT? It depends on what you want to ride. If you like technical, bike handling then FOMBA in Auburn or Fort Rock are the places to go and aren’t far from Manchvegas.
      Are you able to ride in the winter months? The only people I’ve seen ride in the dead of winter are people on Surly fat bikes. The snow is measured in feet here, for each year and sometimes each storm. yuck

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      Also in Manchester…

      Get ready for wet, muddy, rocks and roots and rocky rooty climbs 😀

      Best Places to ride:

      Fomba in Auburn is sweet and has something for everyone. Nothing fast here and no destination rides. It is all single track made for MTB very tight and twisty with technical terrain and sharp switchbacks peppered into more casual two way trails roughly 1-2 miles long. Riding here on a regular basis will make anyone a better rider! Exit 2 off 101 E. right off ramp second left onto Depot Rd. about 15 min from center of Manchester. … fomba.html

      Musquash is close as well, smaller but about the same type of riding. easier for you to search it here on the site for directions. About 15 min from center of Manchester … -area.html

      Bear Brook is huge and awesome covered in awesome sauce! Great climbs and some super flowy and fast single track once you learn the lay of the land. some real nice loops can be put together there. off Rt 28 north in Allenstown, about 20-30 min from center of Manchester.

      Trail 15 Maintained by the Southern NH Snow Slickers is a trail that travels north thru NH. You can pick it up at Lake Massabessic or the Fomba trail head in Auburn. This trail connects Lake Massabessic, Fomba, and Bear Brook together in a roughly 20 mile trip one way. I have a fun 40 mile loop I like to do on my days off but not during hunting season. … -pond.html

      Still got a little time to ride.. Gotta be careful on the Brown Ice (leaves) and dodge hunters bullets this time of year but its totally worth it once you learn how to dress for it. Always gotta be mindful that it gets dark about 4:30 soon and hunting season is in full swing. You don’t really wanna be out on the trails once the snow covers them. Not only is the deep snow a bit rough to pedal thru, but you would be dodging x-country skiers, sled dogs, snow shoers, maybe horses but most of all snowmobiles. Snowmobiles own the trails once the snow falls. And if that weren’t enough, a frozen Camel Pack strapped to yer back sux!

      Some good links for you:

      List of local spots via … ls_29.html

      List of local spots via NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Assoc.)

      List of local spots via Bikerag

      Goodales in Hooksett or Nashua, and Blue Steel Cyclery on 2nd street in Manchester are great local shops.

      Welcome to the area!

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      Already mentioned, but more thumbs ups for Musquash and Bear Brook – I’ve never not had fun at either location!

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