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      This trail in Brookhaven, MS is built, designed and maintained by a dedicated group of local shredders. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed many of their beloved trails they decided to pull from their own pockets to lease this land for everyone’s enjoyment.

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      Nice video.

      I’m interested in hearing more about how the Mt. Zion trails came to be built. Singletracks readers regular rank the system as the best in the state so clearly it’s a great place!

      Were there trails on the Mt. Zion site before Katrina, or was there a different system that was destroyed and never rebuilt? The land lease is interesting as well. I’ve often thought buying land would be impossibly expensive for most clubs, but leasing seems like a much more affordable way to go.

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        The way it was explained to me was that this group of guys came together after Katrina hit and wanted to clean up their local trail but the state wasn’t allowing it at the time so they created their own. The land is leased through one of the founders, he owns the 100 plus acres that these trails reside on. The best part is that they host a lot of different function from surrounding MTB Groups, one of which comes from Baton Rouge and has a huge turn out each year. They also have different races to bring in traffic as well. There is no fee to ride but they do accept donations to cover costs for materials and the land.

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