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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in South Carolina and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the South Carolina forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      Marrington Plantation-All trails including "The Amazon" section were in great shape. The "Fat Tire Freaks" maintain the trail and have done a great job on fixing the "trouble" spots along this very wet and muddy section. They’ve also added a few other "technical" trails with some drops, a few teeter totters, some log crossings, etc. These trail sections are well marked in yellow and are easy to follow"

      Santee State Forest-This is a 7.5 mile loop of about half of is double track and half single track. I rode here last weekend and the trail was in excellent shape. It seemed like there is good run off so you may not have to wait as long after a rain to take a ride there. I had a great time and I think you will too.

      Palmetto Forest Trail-Lake Marion Region- The Wadboo Trail section is a six mile ride to the Ranger Station and is an "out and back" ride. The trail started off in pretty good shape until you reach the trail across from Hwy 52. Here is where the trail got very muddy. At about one mile into the trail and several small water crossings later, the foot bridges were either vandalized and moved from the trail or ruined by (?). At any rate, the trail becomes unridable from about that point. I’d like to see this trail improved as it goes from one end of South Carolina to the other and would be an EPIC RIDE if it were maintained at any level. For now, this section of trail is a NO GO unless you like wading through shin deep swamp mud….

      Unfortunatly there is about 4-5 days of rain in the forcast for the"low country"…

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      Cheraw State park is in great shape. I don’t tired of riding there. I think I’ve done 17 laps so far. Very fast and flowing. It’s a 9.? mile loop with awesome scenery. It always puts a smile on my face. *thumbsup*

      Sandhills State forest in Patrick is in very rough shape due to logging. What a shame.

      It’s sad to hear about the state of the Palmetto Trail. That could have been a very cool ride. I suppose I’ll have to hold out and ride the Great Divide in a few years.

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