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      We need your help creating a map of mountain bike trails in the South Bay (SF) area for display in local bike shops. A few things to keep in mind when selecting trails for the map:

      1. The trails must be legal trails – no exceptions.
      2. The map should include a variety of trails for all skill level riders – from families to hard core pros. We even like to include 1 or 2 greenway / paved paths if possible.
      3. We’re limited to 15 trails per map so only the best/most well known trails should make the cut.
      4. Depending on the availability of local trails we may need to include trails up to an hour’s drive from the map center (50 miles or so).

      Once we’ve built the map we’ll mail a laminated color copy to everyone who is able to help via this forum. We’ll also be mailing a copy to each of the local bike shops in the area so let us know which shops to include!

      Here’s the first pass, in no particular order. Let us know which trails to cut and which one’s we’ve left off and we’ll go from there…

      Alum Rock
      Arastradero Preserve
      Big Basin SP / Gazos Creek / Middle Range
      El Corte de Madera Creek (Skeggs)
      Fremont Older
      Joseph D. Grant
      Kennedy / Mount El Sombroso
      Monte Bello Open Space
      Purisma Creek
      Russian Ridge / Skyline Ridge
      Santa Teresa
      Saratoga Gap
      St. Joseph’s Hill
      Water Dog Lake Park
      Santa Cruz Area Trails

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      Here’s the draft South Bay Area trail guide – we’d love to hear feedback from the locals, especially on the difficulty ratings and descriptions…


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