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      Hi all,

      I’m new to the site so this very well could be user error, but I have a question about sorting trails.

      When I’m scrolling through trails, I typically filter them first by state, and then I click on the city link to further organize the trails. This way, I can look at everything in, say, Crested Butte. If I click on a trail in that area, read the description, and want to go back to all the trails in Crested Butte, I hit the back button on my internet explorer. When I do this however, my filtered list of trails resets and the trails are sorted alphabetically – no longer by city.

      Is there an easier way to sort by city or am I missing a feature on this site that allows me to go back while saving my filtered list?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hey Dan,

      Try using the search bar and just running a search for, as an example, "Crested Butte, CO." You should see a page in the list for the city in question: … sted+Butte This page will just display trails from that city.

      Or, if you’ve found a trail you like and you want to view other trails in that city, from the trail page you can click on the name of the city to bring up that city’s page. Finally, sometimes, especially in suburban areas with multiple city names, it’s best to run a search from the trail page ( ) using a zip code and a certain mileage. This way, you can see all trails within a specified radius even if they’re listed using a different city name.

      Finally, you can always use the Google Map on the main trail page to manually browse to a location of your choosing.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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      awesome, thanks for the help. I new I was missing an obvious feature on the site.

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      "bvrider" wrote

      awesome, thanks for the help. I new I was missing an obvious feature on the site.

      No problem!

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