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      Hi folks, my name is John. I started riding seriously about three months ago. I ride a track that is not too far from my house. Anyrate, I am trying to push myself and I am having a hard time. What I need is someone who is local to my area that has some skills already! Perhaps I can join you for a ride?? You can teach me a thing or two?? When I was a younger I was a skateboarder and I always pushed myself harder when I was around someone who was better than me. That is how I got better. I am in the Blackwood area of South New Jersey. It is kind of an armpit, but the trails are decent. Currently I am riding Camden County College trail. I want to improve so that I can ride Gloucester County College trail(cleanly)…..and perhaps some of the harder stuff at Ceres. Thanks.

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      How to find people to mountain bike with: … bike-with/

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