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      Getting new mountain bike trails built can be a long and frustrating process. But sometimes, all it takes is asking for permission.

      These folks in Ormond Beach, FL told the city council they would volunteer to built MTB trails in a local park. Boom! Permission granted.

      Coincidentally, I was just in Ormond Beach over the weekend and wishing there were trails nearby. Can’t wait to check out the trails at Riverbend Nature Park the next time I’m in town!

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      It will be great when these trails are built.  I generally camp at Gamble Rogers SP just north of Ormond Beach and ride at Graham Swamp.  Now I’ll have another option.

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      I live in the Chicago area and in order to get trails built you have to put up with massive bureaucracy and probably grease a few politicians in order to accomplish what happened hear.  Happy for them, really frustrating here in Illinois.

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      It is really exciting to know about this kinda news. I went there almost three years back to visit one of my friends and riding around the Riverbend Park. It will be really great when it will be completed. It will be a must riding place for me when I visit there again.

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      We have trails nearby in Seminole county Florida, and I just found out last week that we can’t build jumps in the county.  Before I even think about advocating for new trails I’ll have to solve that little issue.

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