Someone Is Putting Razor Blades on Trail @ Frederick Watershed

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    Just saw this at

    Initially I thought maybe someone was targeting mountain bikers since razor blades embedded in a trail is a good way to slash tires. But the folks who were interviewed were hikers and dog walkers. I’ve heard of trip wires being placed on trails but razor blades? WTF?

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    Not that I understand unwarranted malicious intent on any level but how screwed up do you have to be to just want to hurt anyone, regardless of who it is and without having ever met the person you’re trying to injure?  I simply can’t understand the mentality.

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    The mountain biker in me assumes this is the work of some anti-biking trail user but clearly it’s dangerous to everyone, including pets. Scary.

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    IMO, this is the best riding venue in the greater National Capitol Region.

    Hopefully they catch the sociopath.

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    Not good!  A hiker found it, this could definitely be bad for anyone!

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    Woa, that’s messed up. I’m with Schwim… what in the world would possess someone to do such a thing?

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    I wonder what causes those people to do such a thing? Most likely meant for mountain bikers because there is usually no protest about hikers on trails. Anyways, People don’t like other groups of people, that’s understandable, but this is extreme.

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    Unreal.  It is beyond me how evil some people can be.

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    It reminds me of the goons throwing tacks out on the road in the Tour de France a few years back. What motive do these people have??

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    Man and to think if it caused you to crash into more of them.

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    Hopefully the nut case is caught before someone gets really hurt. How evil.

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    I’ve thought of camping at our local trails where we have had, glass, nails, or fishing line.  Just to put a hurtin on someone and then leave them there.  lol  (thoughts in my head)  I know some of the trails around here stoners hide at when no one is out.  Not long ago my 4 year old got a nail spike in his tire and of course punctured the tube.  So we, to include my 2 1/2 year old on the back of my fat bike had to walk back.  lol My 4 year old was NOT happy.  “Daddy, I didn’t like that.  Who did that?  Why would someone leave nails on the trail?”

    I hope no one gets hurt as a result of this.


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