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      So got back into mt bikin after years of being out of it.

      Created a handlebar camera mount out of the rail for my light (then found those same instructions on the internet…). My new hard mount just came in (ebay $3 shipped), Also picked up 2 of those cheap tony hawk helmet cams off ebay ($12 shipped).

      Basically I’m setting up with cheap cameras so if they get broken (and they probably will) I’m not going to be upset.

      Well here yall go, enjoy.

      Playing in a neighborhood that is under construction.
      **Little back story the company that was developing this neighborhood went bankrupt. So I doubt there will be any houses out there anytime soon, well except the open house and the 2 they built that have never been sold.

      Testing the homemade handlebar camera mount.

      Both helmet cams, my handlebar camera mount and and old DVR with wired camera.

      And here is the Youtube channel that I am going to put all the videos we shoot into.


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