Solo Mountain Biking Road Trip. Needing tips

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      Hello everyone! I am wanting to do a road trip to different mountain biking destinations later in the year. Hopefully it will last a couple months and I will mainly be hitting spots in the Southwest and Northwest. I plan to go solo as I don’t know anyone else who can take time off to do the trip. My main concern is riding by myself which I have never been a big fan of just in case I were to be in a serious accident. I would hope to meet other riders along the way to ride with but was wondering if anyone else has done something similar and if they had luck meeting other folks to ride with along the way.


      Thanks for the input

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      You can always hit up local mountain bike clubs or bike shops to see if they have group rides or people who could show you around. If it’s a popular destination there would surely be someone who could ride with you. Riding with locals allows you to see the best stuff in each area.

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        I’m hoping to hit some areas in Moab and other parts of CO this year.

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      Hop on the forums here a couple weeks before you go to a new destination. I’m sure tons of people on here would love to show you around their local trails. If you come to northern Colorado I’d be happy to show you some fun rides.

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      Always happy to take “Out of Towners”, if you’re in Colorado shoot me a message.  Post your bike, your trail limits, and anything else that would help us in picking great trails that fit you.

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