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      What do you think is up with solid tubes. The most important advantage is no flats, but are there specific tubes for different tire sizes? Please share your thoughts here.


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      Seems like a lot of work to avoid going tubeless.

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      Yes–I want this! People argue about whether tubes or tubeless is better. The real question is which one sucks less. 😀

      I’m not really familiar with what’s on the market but I’m definitely interested in learning more. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a DiY solution: filling a tire with "Great Stuff" (expanding foam) or even trying to cram a "Noodle" (pool toy) onto my rim.

      Not only would there need to be different sizes (diameters) but also different firmnesses keyed to PSI equivalents. Then, how would you install on a standard rim/tire set-up?

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      We have our off road vehicles at work filled with a pliant foam to avoid flats, so the product is out there. They’re not rock solid. I think the hard part would be getting a pliant enough material to allow the wheel to be totally filled but not rock solid so you still get good traction.

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