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      Hey, It seems like California’s mountain has lot of snow these days. Me and my friends planned to┬áride on snow, soon. Dose anyone have been ride on snow? Please give me some tips for riding on snow. Also, I am looking for fat tire bike but seems most fat tire bike is pricy. But I found perfect bike that matches with my budget. Please give me some advice for this bike. Thanks!


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      Hi I ride snow pretty frequently up here in Oregon and some tips are lower the PSI on your tires take it slower (especially around berms and switchbacks) and be wary of ice spots and don’t go flyin’ down the mountain like a bat out of hell. Additionally that bike might may weigh 40-50 pounds which is was to heavy check out Surly Bikes a great fat bike brand that are fairly cheap and in your price range. Have fun and be safe!!????

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        Thank you for your tip! Safety First! I looked Surly Fat bikes but price was too high for me. Thanks though!

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      No problem did the surly work out with your budget

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      Here are some fat biking tips to help get you started:

      Fat Biking 101: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Biking in the Snow


Viewing 3 reply threads

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