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      I was biking while my german shephard was running when a water moccasin bit him on the face. Gator is 115 pounds of muscle so when he pulled back fast, the snakes fangs came out and stuck in his face. I pulled the fangs out of his face and some blood gushed out and then I called the experts. The fangs were sharp and long and had holes in the middle for the venom. There is a 1 in 5 chance that a bite by a water moccasin will do enough harm to effect a large dog. This along with the fact that he yanked the poor snakes fangs out decreased the danger even further. When we drive home, he looked like he had drank a bottle of beer, just sort of relaxed. I think he liked the feeling:) If you are riding and get bit, just stop and cut a small X with a razor blade then squeeze it and then calmly get to the doc for treatment. Dont hammer back home while racing your heartrate and dont lie down in the woods to rest after a bite.

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      Batchelor Chiropractic
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